*NSYNC - Making The Tour

An off-shoot of MTV's Making The Video series, Making The Tour shows off the work that goes into, well, making a tour. Originally aired as a 30 minute special, *NSYNC later released an extended cut on home video, adding roughly 20 minutes of new footage and replacing the live performance of "Space Cowboy" shown at the end with performances of "Bye Bye Bye" and "This I Promise You" from the Live From Madison Square Garden HBO special.

 *NSYNC - Making The Tour

honestly as a kid i never really like nsync i just knew them like they there they exist, because i think they lil bit dirty when dancing and i prefere westlife instead even obsesed with westlife

but now here i am manage to watch this whole video and hating my self not follow nsync journey back then. they such a good guys really

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